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Competition 8274 Pneumatic Freespool
European Community Registered Design Pending

Now in it's second year of production with hundreds sold all over the world, the Delta-Tek Freespool drum for the Warn 8274 is an innovative approach to a simple problem.

The original freespool fitted to Warn 8274 winches is, frankly, useless! It disengages the motor from the drive so in order to turn the drum as you pull out the rope, it has to turn all the internal gears which have significant drag. In practice most people power the rope out but even with an uprated winch this is painfully slow.

Our Freespool disconnects the drum itself from the gear-train allowing it to turn freely. With it fitted, you can activate the freespool and litterally run with the rope!

The speed at which the rope can be deployed results in a significant time saving in competitions. Over a day with 40 punches you could save over an hour - so it can easily make the difference between winning and loosing!

Competition proven
The Delta-Tek Freespool for 8274 has been successfully used by three teams in the 2010 All Wheel Drive Club, Howlin’ Wolf series. 
The first round saw all three Delta-Tek Freespool equipped teams achieve trophy positions.

The Freespool was developed and tested in competition by competitors - our results prove it gives a winning advantage!

Drum incorporates a loop for easy rope attachment.

We supply a stainless bearing and adaptor to replace the plastic bush in the original drum end plate.
  • Delta-Tek freespool is a direct replacement for original drum. No structural modifications necessary to winch or bumper.
  • Available in Standard and +70mm 'Long Drum' configurations
  • Reduced drum diameter increases the length of rope you can fit and the
    maximum pull available for the first few layers of rope.
  • Drum end plate fitted with Stainless Steel bearing to further reduce drag.
  • Freespool remotely operated from the cab or via a radio remote
  • Internal clutch components made from high specification Aerospace materials.

High quality machining of internal clutch components.
The Delta-Tek Freespool is a direct replacement for the existing, fixed drum, the mechanism is entirely contained within the drum.  At the flick of a switch the drive from the gearbox disconnects, allowing the rope to easily run out.

Manufactured from high specification Aerospace materials. It is manufactured entirely in the UK by well respected and highly experienced companies employing the latest CNC machinery..

The Delta-Tek Freespool is controlled with compressed air; the supply used for operation of locking differentials is ideally suited. 

The Delta-Tek freespool can be fitted to any Standard or Twin-Motor Warn 8274 Winch in a standard winch-bumper. It is also offered with a 70mm longer drum. In addition to the basic or Long Drum kit we can supply a pneumatic plumbing kit with either an electric Solenoid Valve or a manually operated valve.

The Solenoid valve alows you to operate the same freespool from several locations via switches or radio remote.

The Competition
There are now several 8274 Freespools on the market. Several customers have asked why ours is so much cheaper than the competition? Is this because it is not as strong?

Delta-Tek works on a fixed margin basis. We take the manufacturing cost, add a fixed profit margin and that is the selling price - high or low. Because Delta-Tek has a lot of experience of machining and manufacturing, something that most retailers lack, we have produced a design which is quick and simple to manufacture which alows us to use the very best materials and heat treatment which gives you a Freespool which is stronger and more reliable than any of the others - at a reasonable cost.

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