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Concept, Innovation, Design, Prototyping, Fabrication, Testing, Protection, Marketing

These are the steps in building a successful product. X-Eng is the proof in itself that we have expertise in all of these.

The Engineers at X-Eng can help you find innovative solutions to your unique engineering problems. We have over 15 years of experience in the design, analysis and fabrication of engineering solutions.

Our approaches to problems have helped our customers save thousands of pounds in annual cost and have provided additional revenue streams to their product lines.

Our 'Unique Selling Point' over most other companies is that our experience spans multiple disciplines. We have found that an intractable problem in one discipline can often be solved simply in another. An Engineer who has experience of multiple disciplines has greater scope for innovation and a greater chance of solving your problem within your time and financial constraints.

We make extensive use of CAD for modeling and analysis prior to making anything. We have allied ourselves with a number of fabrication companies who are able to accept CAD drawings directly and use CAM to translate a drawing into a physical part without wasting time manually programming machinery.

If you or your company has a product idea but do not know how to make it a reality - or have a product you would like to improve, or manufacture cost effectively - X-Eng is worth a call.

The images on the right show how we designed and analysed a custom suspension joint using CAD - then once satisfied that it would meet the specification, put it in to production.

How do we proceed with a project?

  • Contact us with your requirements and a brief description of your problem / project.
  • We will respond initially with a standard Non Disclosure Agreement. If you have your own NDA, we would be happy to use that instead.
    Alternatively, you can download our NDA below.
  • We will review your requirements and make an initial proposal for a solution where applicable. We will also give a cost breakdown for each of the project segments.
  • With your agreement, we will produce a detailed project plan with defined goals for each segment.
  • Upon completion of each segment to your satisfaction, and it's sign-off, we will invoice you for that segment.

The above sequence gives you total control of the project flow with accurate financial forcasting at each stage. Segmenting the project minimizes the risks and impact on cash flow.

What will it cost?
We charge a basic rate of £300 per day. However, you will not be charged at all until we have agreed a set of objectives and deliverables. Every project is different and thus the costs will be different, but we will strive to make the cost as transparent as possible as early as possible in the project life cycle.

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