PSI Design Ltd

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PSI Design is the parent company of X-Engineering and Delta-Tek which were set up to manufacture and retail some of the more commercially viable designs we have come up with.

In addition to managing X-Eng & Delta-Tek, PSI is a design consultancy specialising in mecanical, electrical and embedded control solutions.

These pages are dedicated to the projects which were either not commercially viable - or just too eccentric (but still cool!)


Electro-Mechanical Walking Coffee Table
Theo-Jansen inspired walking insect
Car-port with telescopic roof



Antenna rotator made from RC Servo - Build
Antenna rotator made from RC Servo - In Action
Antenna rotator made from RC Servo - Controller

Land Rover Electric Freelander
Endo-Skeleton Wings (Fenders)

Disk Brake Handbrake
Ball Jointed Rear Radius Arms
Self Leveling Air Suspension
LED Lights

Robot-Wars Barber-ous - Robot Wars
In the early 2000's there was a TV series dedicated to fighting robots. I and two friends entered with a robot called Barber-ous 2
Personal Transport Electric Skateboard
Electric Mountain Board

Electric Folding Triangular Framed Bike
Electric Anthrotech Recumbent Trike
Electric Folding Recumbent Bike