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OK, I said the electric skateboard was the coolest thing - but this is cooler!!

It has a 4kW electric motor driven by a 4QD Pro120, 120 Amp speed controller. It has a top speed of 25mph and works a treat off road - at least as far as the 1 wheel drive will take you. Never mind the prickly bushes - with this you can fly! (it's the landing that's painful)

    Here is the finished article.
    And the drive system,

Like most of the things I've built, there were several previous iterations of this - most of which were un-ridable - by me at least! My friend Simon Copsey who clearly has a better sense of balance - or nerves of steel - managed OK, but even he was kind of wobbly!

The single biggest innovation was putting the batteries on the axles. It seems that when you are riding a board, you make a lot of very fine course & balance corrections with your feet. If the batteries are on the board itself, it has a lot of inertia and tends to damp out most of these. You have to make big corrections before it does anything - and you tend to overshoot leading to instability.

Batteries on the axles increases their inertia, but this tends to damp the steering, allowing you top make the fine balance corrections on the board without there being as big an impact on the steering - making it more stable! The result is something that anyone (even Paul Wightman at Billing) can ride like a pro! (If any of you have photos - mail me & I'll post them!)