Go Home! Electric Skateboard See All Photos

This is just the coolest thing! Sorry I've not got many photos - the board is in pieces at the moment waiting for the next iteration of it's drive system and I can only find a couple of others.

    As you can see, it has a motor - which is actually intended for an electric scooter. It came from a company called TLC who have a chain of electrical trade counters as a spare for a scooter they sell. Best of all, it was only about 16 quid!
    The motor has a plated power rating of 200w nominal. It has a chain drive - sprockets supplied by HPC with a ratio of about 6:1 driving a 100mm diameter wheel.

This gives a top speed of about 12mph with decent hill climbing ability. It is powered from two 7Ah lead acid batteries carried in a back pack and uses a 4QD Uni8 Speed controller to regulate the speed.
    I built this hand throttle - there did not seem to be any ready made, least that I could afford! This seems to work pretty well. The speed controller includes regenerative braking which is VERY effective. If you let go of the throttle to quick - suddenly you'll be flying through the air towards those prickly bushes!

Despite a few prickly bushes experiences - this has been a lot of fun. I have to thank Guy Radford at this point for being my test pilot for a lot of the 'less safe' vehicles!